3 Jun

As usual, I am reading the Kurier at Saturday breakfast and am learning something. Boxing is not a sport I associate with Austria, and indeed there is only one professional female boxer in the whole country, Eva Voraberger-but she is the world champion in the light bantamweight class, which means she weighs 52 kgs (about 114 lbs) or less(!). Who would have thought?


30 May

It’s currently almost 30°C (about 86°F) in Vienna. All the benches in the shade are taken and all the benches in the sun are free.

The linden trees 2017

30 May

The linden (or lime trees, if you’re British) are in blossom. (Just thought you’d like to know. ;-))

Watch “🇦🇹 ❤️ HOW TO SPEAK VIENNESE USING ONLY ONE WORD. Video Tutorial” on YouTube

25 May

Except for the vocal fry, which shows she’s spent too much time in the U.S., this short video is amazingly accurate and quite funny.


18 May

I’m just taking the 13A bus across town from one appointment to another. The weather is gorgeous and we keep passing one park, square, and sidewalk café after the other where people are going about their business in the leisurely and yet purposeful way typical to Vienna. There even was a small farmer’s market. What a city!

Empress Maria Theresia

12 May

Wow, I have been busy and keeping my head down. Today celebrations for the 300th anniversary of Empress Maria Theresia’s birth are starting and I’ve missed the whole run up. I think of her as Austria’s equivalent of Queen Victoria, strong woman, deeply in love with her consort, with many children (one of whom was Marie Antoinette).


25 Apr

This is a 200-year-old Judas tree (direct translation because my usual Wikipedia method didn’t work this time) on the grounds of the Old General Hospital (now the university campus). For many years it has been part of my spring celebrations to visit and admire it. Finally, I am sharing it with you, too.