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Sunday morning in Vienna

27 May

I must confess that Sunday morning is my favorite time in Vienna, especially when the weather is the way it is today–bright, cool, and clear. The streets and parks are empty (except for the dogs and their people) and usually clear of trash thanks to the untiring efforts of the city workers , the air is fresh (no traffic), and it is blissfully quiet except, this morning, for ecstatic birdsong. There is an exquisite sense of having enough time, peace, well-being, and surrounding beauty to work out life’s knottier problems–with fresh rolls to take home for breakfast as your reward.


The Linden Trees (or “lime trees” if you’re British)

24 May

Hard for me to imagine that almost a year has gone by since I started this blog. What reminded me was that the linden trees are in blossom again, smelling as sweet as ever, especially in our suddenly muggy weather. No wonder poems were written and songs composed about them!


15 May

Just a quick post to announce that the elderflowers (Holunderbl├╝ten) are in bloom in Vienna.Image

This may not sound very exciting to you, but it they are beautiful, smell sweet, and are used to make a syrup for a really tasty soft drink special to Austria. ­čÖé