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You don’t know what you got till it’s gone …

28 Feb

… as Joni Mitchell reminded us in “Big Yellow Taxi”. Well, it works in the reverse, too–you don’t know what you don’t got until it comes back again (that just doesn’t scan as well).

This afternoon when I went out for a round with Mylo I was stunned by the beautiful blue sky and almost blinded by the sun. It was in that moment that I realized how gray our weather has been for weeks now. It turns out that this winter we have had the least sun since 1903. Not a statistic one really wants to live through if one has a choice as Vienna typically doesn’t get much sun in winter in the best of years.



10 Feb

For a number of years now the City of Vienna has set up an ice-skating rink in front of City Hall. Friday evening at about 10 p.m. Maylo and I walked by and this is what we saw.


How to tell the museums apart

1 Feb

A joke just sent to me by a friend for people who know the layout of the Ringstrasse:

Franzi (a little boy) asks his father, “Papa, how can you tell the Museum of Art History from the Museum of Natural History?” (In Vienna they face each other across the statue of the great Empress Maria Teresia.)

His father answers, “That’s very easy, Franzi. The Museum of Art History is about art and culture and that is near the opera. In the Museum of Natural History you find asses and monkeys. And that is near the Parliament building!”