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Vivaldi in Vienna, again

28 Jul

Some faithful soul has once again put a rose on the Vivaldi memorial to remind us that Vivaldi died in Vienna on this day in 1741. I am grateful.



Tom Cruise is in Vienna

23 Jul

And he and I arrived at the Staatsoper at the same time, I on foot coming from Haas & Haas where I had just picked up some amazing Mango Flip ice tea (to make at home), and he in a black BMW with police escort. Apparently, the premier of “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” is taking place in and around the Staatsoper today. (There are big screens outdoors for all who don’t have a ticket.) The summer lull in Vienna.

Austrian Rieslings Set a High, Dry Standard –

10 Jul

I wish the New York Times hadn’t told everyone about the great Austrian Rieslings. Now there won’t be enough for us residents! 😉

Welcome to Discoverpeace!

7 Jul

There has been so much EU bashing recently I think most of us have started to overlook why it was started. Here is a project that seeks to put us back in touch with what has happened in different European cities to foster peace. A (walking) tour with a somewhat unusual focus:

You might want to wait until the heatwave is over, though, before taking advantage of it.