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Hard to believe it’s February

27 Feb

This was taken at the Votivkirche this afternoon, after which I met a colleague at the Naschmarkt where we sat outside (under heaters, granted) and drank wine, ate cheese, and caught up on six months or so of life. Really something at the end of February


A blustery day in Vienna

22 Feb

Lovely word, isn’t it, “blustery”and so evocative of March and spring to come. 🙂

Nussberg, 5 February 2017

5 Feb

Quite something when you think I was skating on that river a week ago!

Snow! (But short-lived)

3 Feb

That was what it looked like yesterday, with the Viennese apparently vying for the gold medal for best snow creature. 😉

And this is what it looked like this afternoon already. The fate of snow in the big city …