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This gray and rainy morning in Vienna

15 Nov

It’s a bit hard to see, but that is the French flag hung on their balcony, another gesture of solidarity.




14 Nov

A quarter past three on a mid-November afternoon in the Vienna Woods. The nights are closing in …


The Mayor of Vienna …

14 Nov

… has conveyed his deepest condolences and solidarity with the Mayor and people of Paris. A black flag is flying at half mast at the Vienna City Hall today.


9 Nov

In memory of that night, exactly 77 years ago, when synagogues and other Jewish properties were systematically destroyed and 400 people were murdered or driven to suicide under the Nazi regime.


November 11

7 Nov

A big day is coming up–November 11. For history buffs, it’s the commemoration of the Armistice, the end of the First World War. For others, it is the official start–at precisely 11 a.m.–of Fasching (what the Viennese call Carnival). This means, as today’s Kurier reminds me, that it is also the start of the Ball Season here. Get out your fancy shoes and limber up your dancing legs–the Ball of the Red Cross in Vienna is on the 20th.

60 Years of the Vienna State Opera – A Celebration

5 Nov

Not 60 years since they first opened their doors, of course, but 60 years ago today the Staatsoper re-opened their doors after the terrible bomb damage of the Second World War had been repaired. They played “Fidelio” on that evening in 1955, if I remember correctly.

Allerheiligen in Wien or All Souls in Vienna

1 Nov

My Vienna. The trams, etc., are running more often on this the national holiday of All Souls Day so that even people without cars can make without too much trouble the traditional pilgrimage to the cemeteries where their loved ones are buried.