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25 Nov

For the first time in ages, I am looking at the cinema listings in the newspaper and have been reminded that movies in Vienna are listed by district so that you can see what is playing near you. (After all, you wouldn’t want to have to leave your Grätzl!) I seem to remember that this is different in different cities. Certainly, one newspaper in Vienna lists films by title rather than by district. They–I think it is “Der Standard”–call this the only reasonable way to list films.

The other thing you need to understand when checking the listings is what OV and OVmU mean. The first stands for “Originalversion” (in the original language) and the second stands for “Originalversion mit Untertiteln”, or the original version with (German) sub-titles.

The cinema is a good place to go when there is “Hochnebel”. 😉


“Hochnebel” (High fog)

25 Nov

We have had several days now of “high fog”. I’ve lived in Vienna for coming up on 30 years and finally have put the terminology together with weather it refers to. It is not a very pleasant weather pattern. It’s unrelentingly gray, it’s sometimes accompanied by drizzle (as it was this morning), and, in the words of the German friend who taught me the term, it stinks. Literally. These are the days in Vienna that make me think of my time in Chengdu, that highly industrialized city in western China!

This, too, shall pass. Let’s hope it passes soon!