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25 Apr

This is a 200-year-old Judas tree (direct translation because my usual Wikipedia method didn’t work this time) on the grounds of the Old General Hospital (now the university campus). For many years it has been part of my spring celebrations to visit and admire it. Finally, I am sharing it with you, too.



23 Apr

Near perfect weather for the Vienna City Marathon today–cool, dry, and hardly any wind. 🙂

Watch “Eurovision Song Contest 1967 – Sandie Shaw – Puppet on a String (WINNER)” on YouTube

8 Apr

Should the question ever come up when you are playing Trivial Pursuit “Who won the 1967 Eurovision Song Contest and in which city?” the answer is: Sandie Shaw in Vienna (captured on film, link below). If you’re thinking “I didn’t even know they had a Eurovision Song Contest in 1967,” I can only say “Neither did I.”

Many thanks to the Saturday Kurier for this indispensable piece of information.