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Alle Jahre wieder (Every year) – Vivaldi

27 Jul


A day early this year (if Wikipedia is correct). Perhaps our anonymous benefactor has to be out of town tomorrow?

(Antonio Vivaldi died in Vienna on 28 July 1741, 275 years ago.)


Seefestspiele Mörbisch

24 Jul

Almost 28 years in Vienna and this is the first time I have made it to the:
And yet it is worth the trip. It’s fun, especially for German speakers, colorful, and a good opportunity for a picnic on the lake. We enjoyed especially the costumes, staging, and enthusiasm of the performers–and the (for us) unexpected fireworks at the end. If I had known that Blaguss lays on a comfortable, air-conditioned bus with a friendly and competent driver, I would have come years ago. That makes the whole thing truly carefree.

Rainy season in Vienna

12 Jul

Actually, we are not supposed to have a rainy season, but the weather the last few days reminds me of the weather in Kyoto, where I lived for one year many, many years ago. It’s uncharacteristically humid, and at 4 or 5 o’clock every afternoon we have a flash flood, which sadly does nothing to clear the air. I’m afraid I might start growing mold soon!

Friday evening picnics

8 Jul


The weather has been beautiful and the last three weeks I have celebrated the end of the work week by going on picnics with friends. The first Friday we met in Neustift and picnicked in the vineyards. Last week we chose the Votivpark and sat around the Vivaldi monument. Today we went to Türkenschanzpark where we sat next to a pond and were treated to not only ducks and crows but this creature as well–a gray heron, ladies and gentlemen, in the middle of the city!