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New Year’s haiku

30 Dec

haiku 2014_vines

Vines spanning a wall

Threads of fate criss-crossing

Precious web of life

Happy New Year, all!


Last Saturday before Christmas

20 Dec


No matter how crowded it may be on Mariahilfer Straße, there were still lots of people making the most of this unseasonably warm weather in the Vienna Woods. You can see why, I think.

13.12.2014 | Liederabend Jonas Kaufmann

14 Dec

My birthday present from dear friends and more or less everything a song recital should be–a coherent program, with encores that complemented it beautifully, excellent teamwork between (the very handsome and accomplished) singer and (less handsome but even more accomplished) pianist, an eager audience, and some drama, too. Rounded off by dinner at the Café Imperial, it was a simply wonderful evening.

BTW I love the fact that a Viennese audience recognizes and appreciates the artistry of the accompanist–granted, one of their own in spite of his last name (Deutsch)–as much as the more obvious artistry of the singer.

The New Mariahilfer Straße

8 Dec

I finally made it to the new Mariahilfer Straße with pedestrian zone. The implementation process was the worst kind of political mess, but it looks as if the fuss was worth it.




The Feast of the Immaculate Conception

8 Dec

A holiday in Austria and slightly brighter weather than the last week or two. (It’s all relative!) What better way to spend it than on a walk in the Vienna Woods–and afterwards the new Woody Allen film at one of Vienna’s several cinemas that show films in the original language?


An artist who adds happiness to life

6 Dec


Welcome to the world of Rosemarie Benedikt, an Austrian artist born in Baden bei Wien in 1939, and still active. I have adored her work for years and last year was even lucky enough to be able to buy one of her coatis as a present for the friend who told me the anteater (Ameisenbär or ant-bear) joke. Imagine then my pleasure at opening my Saturday Kurier  this gray, damp morning in Vienna and finding an article about Benedikt and her work, accompanied by lots of photos. That helped a lot!