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Presidential election – update

24 Apr

It’s even worse than I feared–Hofer (FPÖ) is way ahead. The next two candidates after him each have only slightly more than half as many votes as he does. At least there is another election to come.

Presidential election

24 Apr

Austrians go to the polls today to vote, in a direct process, for their president for the next six years. Thank goodness the president doesn’t have much power, although, unfortunately, he or she does have a strong representative role outside the country, because in the last few days there are signs that the candidate from the FPÖ (the extreme right-wing nationalist party) has pulled ahead. The other frontrunner (the former head of the Green Party) still has a chance though.  With six candidates for the job and a requirement that the winner have an absolute majority, it seems likely that Austrians will be going back to the polls in May. Stay tuned …


Welcome to Discoverpeace!

11 Apr

Worth re-posting, I think, as Britain gets ready to go to the polls.

And it’s good weather for walking at the moment


There has been so much EU bashing recently I think most of us have started to overlook why it was started. Here is a project that seeks to put us back in touch with what has happened in different European cities to foster peace. A (walking) tour with a somewhat unusual focus:

You might want to wait until the heatwave is over, though, before taking advantage of it.

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