World Champions

5 Nov

Having already pointed this out in four different years, I didn’t want to mention again that Austria once again did extremely well at the WorldSkills championships, where young people compete in the trades. (You can imagine that young Austrians do especially well in trades related to tourism and gastronomy.)

This year, though, something really special happened: the Gold medalist in stone-cutting was Austrian — and female. The Kurier this morning had an interview with Anna Karina Feldbauer (only 21 years old) about how this came about. Like most people who excel at something, she was simple fascinated by the idea of making things — even gravestones, a large part of stonecutters’ work — out of stone.

In a time when ever more businesses are seeking the next generation of skilled craftspeople yet ever more young people are going to university so that they have access to more prestigious jobs (and not necessarily because they’re really interested in, say, business administration), it strikes me that Anna Karina Feldbauer can be a really good role model.


3 Responses to “World Champions”

  1. esauboeck November 5, 2022 at 5:57 pm #

    Ich gratuliere! I don’t even know what this championship is!

    • ecbinvienna November 5, 2022 at 7:01 pm #

      It’s like the Olympics for people who practice one of the trades. In fact, it may be limited to apprentices. There are cooking and painting and probably plumbing divisions as well as stone cutting. I seem to remember that there was even a competition in being a hotel receptionist.

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