Third jab

16 Dec

And in Stephansdom no less, where you don’t need an appointment.

Beyond the fact that I didn’t need an appointment, why did I choose to go to Stephansdom for my vaccination? For romantic reasons. I have never forgotten the tour I took of the catacombs very early on in my Vienna days. There are bones of Bubonic plague victims in those catacombs and I am slowly coming to accept that COVID-19 is our plague.

As a bonus to that historical connection and a beautiful setting in which to wait, an Advent meditation was starting just as I was leaving. Simple and meaningful, with a small choir and short bursts of organ music and a homily on finding room at the inn.

Stephansdom has survived plagues (and wars and reformations) and we shall, too.

The way home

2 Responses to “Third jab”

  1. esauboeck December 16, 2021 at 9:04 pm #

    Oh, what a setting for your jab!

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