Measures of drink in Viennese German

30 Aug

My comment: For my German (Viennese)-speaking readers. Just a quick note for the others: the “erl” at the end of a word forms the diminutive thereby making each amount sound harmless or at least more harmless than it otherwise would. You’ll notice there is no “erl” on the last one. That’s because it’s “a double”–in other words a two-liter bottle of (usually very acidic and unpleasant) wine.


One Response to “Measures of drink in Viennese German”

  1. esauboeck August 30, 2020 at 6:46 pm #

    Um Gottes Willen, I didn’t know the Viennese were still writing in dialect! Isn’t this a bit like trying to write in Southern English or in Bre’r Rabbit kind of slave Black? Or maybe not. I’m just surprised to see it’s still being written out!

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