12 Feb

I’m going to an ICF (International Coach Federation) workshop this evening in Magda’s Hotel and am equally excited about the topic (creative writing as a coaching tool) and the venue. Magda’s is a social business, with some support from the Austrian Ministry of Digital and Economic Affairs, that puts former refugees to work in a business that makes perfect sense, the hotel business. After all, the former refugees speak many languages and know many cultures and Austria is famous partly for its tourism and hotel schools. I can hardly wait to see it. 🙂

BTW in German you don’t use the apostrophe for the possessive, which turns the name, Magdas, into word play, something the founders of Magda’s were clearly aware of. “Mag das” in German means “like this,” as in “I like this.”


One Response to “Magdas”

  1. ecbinvienna April 9, 2022 at 8:35 am #

    April 9, 2022: An update on Magdas. What I hadn’t realized before is that the charitable organization Caritas owns Magdas. They created this hotel out of a former assisted living facility knowing that, for reasons of construction costs and permits, the change would most likely be temporary. Now the time has come for another change. As of September, Magdas will be moved to a former priest’s residence (Caritas is closely related to the Catholic church) in the 3rd district and the building near the Prater currently housing the hotel will become a home for refugees. I appreciate a good use of space.

    Source: Kurier

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