Kristallnacht, 80 years on

9 Nov

As I went out with Maylo for our last trip around the block, I saw this:

I knew it was the anniversary of Kristallnacht because it, like Hiroshima day, is part of my personal calendar. When I saw the candles next to the commemorative plaque, I suddenly realized that Kristallnacht was 80 years ago tonight. May God help us all.


One Response to “Kristallnacht, 80 years on”

  1. janisgibbs November 10, 2018 at 12:00 am #

    Eighty years on and people are still doing crap like Kristallnacht. I heard a good report on the radio the other day, though. The commentator said that the striking thing about Kristallnacht (and the rise of the Nazis in general) was that the non-Jewish population in Germany mostly did not rally around their Jewish neighbors. In Pittsburgh this year, although the anti-Semitism was deadly, Pittsburgh rallied around its Jewish community. That gave me some modicum of hope, amid deep sadness.

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