Customer service

4 Mar

Many Americans don’t equate good customer service with Vienna. I find that you experience the extremes of good and bad customer service here more than in the U.S.A., where service is more standardized. 

This (Saturday) morning I was given really good service. I was passing through the Schottenpassage at 7:15 on my way to teach all day and wanted to pick up a sandwich for my lunch. Mann was not yet open. This left Anker, which was open but had no veggie sandwiches. The woman behind the counter said her colleague could make me one and offered a choice of two kinds. I was about to say that I didn’t have time but then realized I did have some leeway and that the day would be long with just the müsli bar I had in my bag, so I chose the cheese on a whole wheat roll. It was in my hand almost before I had finished paying for it, and I was on my way with provisions. When I unwrapped the sandwich at lunch time it seemed to have more cheese than usual. 🙂

The whole experience really set me up for the day. 


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