AAKH – The Old General Hospital

11 Jun


This is the Old General Hospital in Vienna’s 9th district, otherwise known as “das alte AKH,” which now houses large parts of the University of Vienna on a proper campus. (The University used to be a collection of buildings scattered around the 9th district with no special greenery or places for students to gather for fun.) Somehow this photo captures several aspects of the campus. The statue is from its former life as Vienna’s general hospital and depicts Dr. Theodor Billroth, pioneer in the world of surgery. The greenery shows Austria’s investment in making their students’ lives more pleasant. (Higher education is tuition-free here.) The advertising for Radio Arabella, a commercial radio station housed on campus, stands for the efforts to make the campus a meeting place for students and other groups as well as the attempts to pay for the education system. 😉 The graffiti on the planters recalls us to the core purpose of any university (I hope Donald Trump is paying attention). What we cannot see is the series of screens set up throughout the area so that people can gather and watch the European Cup soccer at “public viewings”. Oh, and have I mentioned that, with nine courtyards (not all as big as this), it is a wonderful place for a walk?


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