Help save the collection of historical instruments in the Hofburg

2 Mar

This is not quite what I was planning to do with my Monday morning, but it goes in Stephen Covey’s Important and Urgent quadrant for me and therefore takes priority over some of the other things on my to-do list today.

According to this petition, organized by one of the directors at the Technical Museum in Vienna, the Ministery of Culture wishes to remove a number of items from the Collection of Ancient Instruments ( based in the Hofburg, or former Imperial Palace, to make room for a Museum of History. Apparently, there are other spaces in the Hofburg that are currently empty and could be for that purpose instead. Removing the instruments to storage, where they would be unavailable for viewing for an undetermined length of time, would be extremely costly, put the instruments at risk and practically gut the exhibition. The petition is in German, but there is a comment attached in English that explains well the importance of the collection.

If you feel moved, please sign at:

Thank you! And have a good week!


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