The Ringstraße is turning 150

14 Feb

For those who haven’t picked up on it yet, the famous Ringstraße (where the city wall used to be) is turning 150 on May 1st this year. I know I’ve been negligent about posting recently, but I will try to be better in the future. For the time-being, let me just share some figures that appeared in the Kurier today:
– 5.2 km long
– 57 m wide (I suspect with the grassy bits along the road itself)
– At one point there were 27 coffeehouses on the Ring. Off the top of my head, I can think of three famous ones–Landtmann, Schwarzenberg, and Prückel.
– There are over 2,000 trees along the Ring. 50 to 80 of them are renewed (whatever that might mean) per year.
– UNESCO declared the Ringstraße a Cultural Heritage Site in 2001.

More to follow as we get closer to the anniversary.


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