EuroSkills 2014

12 Oct

The EuroSkills competition, like the Olympics but for professional skills, took place about a week ago. True to form, Austria did extremely well. The “Best of Europe” title (rather like “Best of Show” ;-)) went to Oliver Anibas, an Austrian competing in the area of Industrial Control. An additional 18 medals (8 golds out of 41 disciplines) went to other Austrian competitors, among them a tile layer, a florist, a decorative stone cutter, and (not surprisingly, given Austria’s reliance on the tourism industry) a hotel receptionist.

The Kurier put the success down to Austria’s excellent system of apprenticeships and vocational education. (More about that in my earlier post: ) They followed that comment up with a reprimand to Austrian companies who complain loudly about the lack of qualified young employees!

For more information about the EuroSkills competition:


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