Poisoning pigeons in the park ;-)

9 Jun

There are some new signs in the park. The ones exhorting dog owners to clean up after their pets have–temporarily, I imagine–been replaced by signs telling people that “Those who feed the pigeons are feeding the rats.”

don't feed the birds_modern

Interestingly, the fine is the same as if you don’t clean up after your dog–EUR 36.

There are permanent signs with the same message. They just aren’t as catchy–even if they are, in fact, more severe–and apparently needed some help to get the message across.

don't feed the birds_standard

The text (in my very inelegant translation): “No feeding the birds! (Prevention of rodent pests.)”


One Response to “Poisoning pigeons in the park ;-)”

  1. ecbinvienna April 4, 2015 at 9:47 am #

    Can you believe that there is quite a long article about this campaign in the Kurier today? It includes opinions from people from Salzburg and even Cologne. Who would have thought it was such a hot topic!

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