A Vienna Charter

28 Nov

This will be a quick post, the harbinger of a longer post. For many months the City of Vienna has been facilitating the writing of a “Vienna Charter” (Wiener Charta), a document that should make explicit the ground rules for a peaceful and productive co-existence in this increasingly multicultural city (or perhaps I should say “once again increasingly multicultural city” given Vienna’s very multicultural past). The writing of the charter was one of those things that I was aware of but didn’t have the time and energy to participate in (thank heavens 8,500 other people did find the time) or even follow step-by-step.

You can read more (in German) at: https://charta.wien.gv.at/start/charta/

Heute, the free newspaper in Vienna, reported today that the guidelines have been agreed upon. What wasn’t clear is what will happen now. To be continued.


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