In Vienna even the elevator pitches have more time

7 Mar

The article is from last Saturday’s Kurier already, but I couldn’t bear to throw it away without posting about it. In Vienna, there are ever fewer Paternoster, that is, early elevators that go around in a continuous cycle with open compartments. One of the ones that is left, though, is at the headquarters of the Federation of Austrian Industrialists on Schwarzenbergplatz.

Recently, this was used to give young entrepreneurs the chance to present their ventures to the CEOs of companies like Siemens and Philips. The CEO and the entrepreneur got into the cabin of the Paternoster together, and the entrepreneur had the full round-trip to pitch his or her business. Since the trip takes almost five minutes to complete, that is between five and 10 times as long as the usual elevator pitch. There was the disadvantage that it was dark between floors, as these contraptions have no lighting, but it still seems like a great opportunity for young businesspeople. And you see–in Vienna even the elevator pitches are given more time.

(Kurier, 28 February 2015, “Fahren wir eine Runde gemeinsam” by Magdalena Vachova)


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