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Wine trip – photos

6 Oct

A typical Kamptal inner courtyard Leaves vineyards_01_blue grapes


5 Oct

I have to confess I had a bit of a headache this morning after tasting at least 10 wines yesterday evening. I know you’re supposed to spit instead of swallow, but when I get a really good wine in my mouth I want to hang onto it. It’s like Oda Mae Brown in “Ghost” after Sam tells her she has to give the check to the nun–and I had no Patrick Swayze to get me to let go.

Luxury hotels

5 Oct

There was a time I think, although I’m no expert, when luxury hotels advertised with products from foreign places. The trendĀ seems to have reversed itself, at least in Austria. Suddenly there is Strassertaler honey and jam made by a local farmer (or more likely the farmer’s wife) out of their own “house plums” at the breakfast buffet.

Wine trip

4 Oct

I am on my way out of Vienna for the weekend to do one of the things the Viennese like to do on sunny fall weekends. I am going to the Kamptal to enjoy the fresh air and good wine. One thing that has already struck me is how full – and yet quiet – the train is. Lots of people, businesspeople and students alike, commute to Vienna by train and it seems that by midday on Friday they are willing to call it a week and go home. Not such a bad idea, if you ask me.